How It Works

I charge $20 per visit. Now available: get a text message each time I visit the house, no extra charge!

Most cats need only one visit a day, but I can do two visits a day if needed.  Email me to check my availability.  I cat-sit primarily in  Williamsburg.

A meeting time would need to be arranged for a key drop-off.  This also a good opportunity for me to meet your cat and see where you keep their food, litter, etc.

When I visit a home I always feed the cat (according to your instructions), change or refill the water, scoop the litter and sweep up around the litter box (as long as there is a broom and dustpan handy).  I also clean up any cat “accidents” as long as there are cleaning supplies handy (I clean the surface as best I can, but generally I don’t launder rugs or blankets that have been soiled).

I stay at the home a minimum of 20 minutes and give the cats affection (that is, if they are friendly cats).  I can also give a cat medication, if needed.

Once you’ve returned home I will arrange a time to drop your keys off. I can also hold on to your keys if you plan to be a regular client.